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Mars Area Elementary School

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Staff Directory 2023-2024

Main Office

Principal – Mr. Todd Lape – [email protected]
Secretary – Mrs. Faye Riley – [email protected] 
Secretary – Mrs. Kim Spencer - [email protected]
School Counselor – Ms. Taylor Childers - [email protected] 
School Nurse – Mrs. Julie Cunningham – [email protected]
Custodianto be determined

Fourth Grade

Ms. Lori Beggs – [email protected]
Ms. Allison Burch – [email protected]
Mrs. Nina Davidson – [email protected]
Mr. Brian Felicetti – [email protected]
Dr. Samantha Flanhofer - [email protected]
Mr. Mike Fugh – [email protected]
Mrs. Stephanie Graff – [email protected]
Mrs. Kelly Hathazy – [email protected]
Mrs. Sharyn Lipnicky - [email protected]
Mrs. Dana Paolini – [email protected]
Mrs. Morgan Smallwood –
[email protected]
Mrs. Pam Summers – [email protected]
Mrs. Jamie Waters – [email protected]

Third Grade

Mrs. Dana Fenio - [email protected]
Mrs. Tracey Jones – [email protected]
Miss Julia Langer – [email protected]
Mrs. Jen McClelland – [email protected]
Mr. Chad McCoy – [email protected]
Mrs. Amanda Morello – [email protected]
Mrs. Allyson Reilly – [email protected]
Mrs. Cetta Richards – [email protected]
Mrs. Kelli Schiffhauer – [email protected]
Mrs. Sarah Sondej – [email protected]
Mrs. Tylor Takacs – [email protected]
Mrs. Kim Thomas – [email protected]

Second Grade

Mrs. Emily Banachoski - [email protected] 
Mrs. Melissa Carchedi – [email protected]
Mrs. Diane Gaydos – [email protected]
Mrs. Katie Haney – [email protected]
Mrs. Kelli Kolder – [email protected] 
Ms. Jessica Kozak – [email protected]
Mrs. Sheela Miller - [email protected]
Mrs. Jen Renner – [email protected]
Ms. Kelly Senkowski - [email protected]
Mr. Jim Sinchak – [email protected]
Mrs. Angela Wagner – [email protected]
Ms. Madison Ware – [email protected]
Mrs. Kallie Wright - [email protected]


Mrs. Katie Frye – [email protected] 


Mrs. Melissa Steiner - [email protected]


Gifted Support

Ms. Kayla Pittser – [email protected]

Health & Physical Education

Mr. Brian Fox – [email protected] 

Library/Media Studies

Mrs. Nicole Kolson – [email protected] 


Mrs. Susan Brydon – [email protected] 

Learning Support

Ms. Madison Belsterling – [email protected]
Mrs. Ashley Campbell - [email protected]
Miss Savannah Fischer – [email protected]
Ms. Leah Golden – [email protected]
Mrs. Alyssa Greco – [email protected]
Mr. Kyle Hamilton - [email protected] 
Mrs. Deanna Rapp - [email protected] 
Mrs. Emily Slatniske – [email protected] 


Mr. Harold Brydon – [email protected] 
Mrs. Mary Kay Costello - [email protected] 
Ms. Jaimie Fulmer - [email protected] 
Mrs. Christine Kwong - [email protected] 
Mrs. Mindy Mathews - [email protected] 
Mrs. Jessica Mueller - [email protected] 
Mrs. Jennifer St. Clair - [email protected] 
Ms. Jolyn Scully - [email protected]
Mrs. Jasmin Smith – [email protected]
Ms. Teresa Tysarczyk – [email protected]

Reading Support

Mrs. Jane Poorbaugh – [email protected]
Mrs. Amy Zollner - [email protected]

Social Worker

Ms. Lauren Klein - [email protected] 

Speech/Language Support

Mrs. Amber Foster - [email protected] 


Mrs. Colleen Hinrichsen – [email protected]