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Mars Area Elementary School

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Project Highlights Migration of Monarch Butterflies

Second-graders at Mars Area Elementary School are joining in a special project to supplement their science lesson on butterflies. 

In their science classes, second-graders are learning about the life cycle of butterflies as they develop from egg to larva, pupa, then to adult butterflies. In their library/media studies classes, the students are also listening to a story about Monarch butterflies, which migrate to Mexico each winter, before sending a new generation back to North America in the spring.

To continue what they have learned, second-graders are coloring and creating their own butterflies that will be mailed to a school in Mexico through the “Journey North: Symbolic Migration” program. In the spring, the school in Mexico will mail back a new generation of butterflies to complete the insect’s migration. 

For more information, call (724) 625-3161.