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Mars Area Elementary School

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District Initiative to Offer Daily Positive Messages

Beginning with the first day of the 2017-2018 School Year for students, Mars Area School District will be launching a Learning180 community outreach initiative, sharing a daily message with the Mars Area community through social media (Twitter, Facebook) and on the District’s website,

The title of the initiative refers not only to the students’ 180 days of school, but to a 180-degree look at what learning has become in our 21st Century schools, says Dr. Wesley W. Shipley, superintendent.

“Typically, when we talk about 21st Century learning, we think about computers. Computers are a great tool for learning, but are only a small part of the education process,” says Shipley. “21st Century learning also encompasses thinking and communication skills, problem solving, collaboration, the coordination of content, questioning techniques and authentic assessments.”

In addition to other communications from the School District, the Learning180 initiative will serve as an avenue for daily communication with parents and community members about the great things that are happening in the District's schools. The initiative will offer an opportunity to highlight some of the neat things that our teachers are doing in their classrooms and will give students a chance to tout what they are learning as well.

In addition, 2017 graduate Annabel Hnath created the artwork for the initiative, which will be featured in published materials regarding the Learning180 initiative.

For more information, call (724) 625-1518.