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Mars Area Elementary School

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Students Qualify for Ninja League World Championships

Five Mars Area students qualified for the National Ninja League World Championships to be held Feb. 21-23 in Greensboro, N.C. 

In the Ages 13-14 Teen Male Division, eighth-grader Colton Suppa is ranked in the Top 4 percent in the country in the with five podium finishes. In the Age 11-12 Preteen Male Division, sixth-grader William Suppa ended the regular season in the Top 50 percent, after placing in the Top 10 twice.

In Age 9-10 competition, fourth-grader Kohlee Edwards ended the regular season in Top 1 percent in the country in the Female Division, after earning seven first-place finishes; and fifth-grader Jackson Kotula is ranked in Top 56 percent in the country in the Male Division with multiple Top 10 rankings. In the Age 6-8 Female Division, first-grader Maci Kotula placed in Top 18 percent in the country and achieved several podium finishes.

All of the students train at Steel City Ninja (Wildwood, Pa.) The national championships bring together more than 1,500 competitors in Age 6-8 and Age 9-10 divisions. Participants join in Stage 1 course runs and skill challenges to earn a spot in Stage 2 and Stage 3 events.  

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